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I hope that viewers will enjoy looking at the various works on this page. They are a mix taken from short holidays around Victoria (Australia), inspiration from old family photographs and scenes from photos taken by colleagues who have kindly given permission for them to be used. In the case of Firestorm on Ash Wednesday, this was a work inspired by historic events but not taken from any particular scene.

Please note the red dot next to the artwork images in this gallery indicate that the artwork is sold or not available from the artist.

Abridged - Princes Bridge, MelbourneFor Sale

Abridged - Princes Bridge, Melbourne

No matter how many times I travel into the city, I try to take the time to wander across the bridge to see the many moods of the river. As the weather changes (as it does so often in Melbourne) the light and the mood changes with it. The colours and reflections then alter the whole way the scene is taken in, and suddenly you gain a new insight into this part of the city.

Atmospheric IIIsold

Atmospheric III

Atmospheric III as it's name may indicate is the final of a set of three works experimenting with water colours and some of the techniques used by various artists such as Turner, to leave out a lot of detail and concentrate on the play of light, colour and atmosphere to create distance and mood.

This artwork has received an awardBamboo In Inksold

Bamboo In Ink

Indian and Chinese inks on water colour paper of the Chinese style of ink and wash painting. The piece is done with the bamboo done in Chinese and Indian inks more in the traditional Chinese style of painting. The "Janice Twist" is done in the mounting of the work. I have placed it behind two matts, one of which is divided into sections. This was to give an even more oriental look to the work.

Bridge Over The Ovens(spacer)

Bridge Over The Ovens

We took a brief break in the beautiful township of Bright a few years ago and I made sure that I came home with heaps of photos for future reference. My family comes from the area of Victoria so it is always good to go back there and see distant rellies roaming around as well as being treated like a local! This view is looking up the gully along the Ovens River. The photo has been cropped quite a bit as I was not so much interested in the foreground as the bridge and the ripples in the river. I have never tried to paint a rippling river in pastel before, so this, my first attempt has been a big learning experience. I hope everyone enjoys the result.

This artwork has received an awardBright, VictoriaFor Sale

Bright, Victoria

Water colour on 300gsm Archer's water colour paper of one of the main streets in Bright, Victoria, Australia. Many of the modern features of this street have been removed to give more room to enjoy the buildings, the trees and the lovely shadows being cast across the roads. The main feature of this part of Bright are the beautiful buildings, the trees lining the roads and their fantastic backdrop of the mountains of the north east corner of Victoria. I just had to paint this scene as soon as I saw the colour of the building on the corner. Painting it reminded me of being there on one of the few trips I have been able to make back to the town where parts of my family first settled after leaving the arrival port of Adelaide on immigrating to Australia in the 1850s. We have a corner of the cemetery in Bright (knowing where the ancestors are is always a handy thing to know!).

Coming Homesold

Coming Home

Original oil painting on canvas completed in less that eight hours over 3 days. The subject is loosely based on the atmosphere of an outback sheep station in Central Australia.

Favorite HillFor Sale

Favorite Hill

Taken from a photograph in the early morning along one of the rural roads on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The rider gives a sense of the activities common in this area.

Firestorm on Ash Wednesday(spacer)

Firestorm on Ash Wednesday

This painting started its life as an ordinary landscape but I was discovering that it had no "drama" to it. It took a drastic turn a few days after the horrific bush fires of Ash Wednesday (Australia) in 1983. Moved by the events of the time I painted until 6AM to complete this work in one session.

Flame Treessold

Flame Trees

An old friend of mine grew up in Grafton, NSW. He often called it the Centre of the Universe because of his love of this town, the river, the pubs and his passion for rowing. Every time I hear the song "Flame Trees" it reminds me of this friend and the beautiful trees that grow there. It is in dedication to these memories and this friend that I painted "Flame Trees".

Ghostly Gumssold

Ghostly Gums

Oil Painting of Australian gums done as a diptych mounted on framed board painted black. The frame is plain black and is addition to the size of the work.

Gilpins DamFor Sale

Gilpins Dam

This sketch is further proof that you can find great subject matter in your own neighbourhood. I am now in the habit of taking walks with camera in hand to find new material for paintings. Being in a farming/rural area, a lot of the nearby properties are artworks in the making at certain times of the day and certain times of the year.

Gone Fishingsold

Gone Fishing

The theme is a man going out in the very early morning in his little boat to have a quiet day of fishing. The atmosphere is quiet and the colours should reflect serenity and the coolness of a foggy morning as the sun starts to make its way through the haze.

Govan's Paddockssold

Govan's Paddocks

Pastel painting of paddocks in the North Pearcedale area on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. The scene is taken from recent photos done on a "research walk" around the area. The artwork shows local paddocks as they change colour during the early weeks of autumn.

This artwork has received an awardGrazingFor Sale


The subject of this painting was initially the mountains and clouds in the background. I was motivated by the Dandenongs (Victoria, Australia) in a similar state as seen from the car one evening. The rest of the painting grew out of my imagination from there. My intent was to keep the painting simple and "immediate" in its look which is what helped it win in a local competition.

This artwork has received an awardGumssold


Diptych style oil painting of gums on canvases, mounted on painted board (dark blue/purple). The board is mounted into a metallic silver frame.



Every now and then I like to have a look around for a place I would like move to to get away from it all. When we are driving to or from a holiday, or just going for a day trip, we often stop to look at properties for sale. Not only does this give us ideas for future living arrangements but if the area is very nice, it gives me subjects for artworks.

Heart Of FireFor Sale

Heart Of Fire

Heart of Fire came about whilst painting a commission for a local stud. I was trying to think of a way to keep my style "loose" so that I would not get too tight whilst doing the commission which was fairly exacting work. Suddenly one day an entire painting popped into my head. It was too enticing an idea to let go, so I rushed to my supplier to pick a up a suitable canvas.

This artwork has received an awardA Hint of Smokesold

A Hint of Smoke

This oil painting on canvas is based on a photo shoot in Yea, Victoria. The sun was fairly low and the shadows and highlighted distant valleys were so beautifully lit I had to take several shots from a friend's balcony. The hills were covered with a soft golden light and the hills had glow to them. The European trees nearer the foreground had a warm crimson tint with hints of cobalt and very cool green, then as your eye was drawn to the distant scene, the colours faded to a light mauve/blue/grey with bright golden sunlight touching the buildings and tips of foliage. There was also someone burning off nearby which gave a new point of interest which I have enhanced.

I am the Meandering River Dawning(spacer)

I am the Meandering River Dawning

Mostly taken from memory from one of our drives into the countryside for a day trip, this scene has been modified tonally and details altered to create an interesting and atmospheric painting themed around the Yarra River in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria.

This artwork has received an awardLittle BeeFor Sale

Little Bee

Mixed media on water colour paper of the Chinese style of ink and wash painting done with a personal twist. The piece is done with water colour washes covered by metallic acryllic washes, the bamboo is done in water colours and green Chinese inks, the cherry blossum is done in black Indian ink and "red" Chinese inks with the little yellow parts in the centre of the flowers done in acrylic straight out of the tube.

The Milking Shedsold

The Milking Shed

I have been having heaps of fun with pastels during the past eighteen months since mid 2009. I am pleased that my subjects are getting more varied and I am getting more and more satisfied with the final results. This little A3 size landscape reflects the joy I am getting from trying out new subjects for my steadily growing pastel collection. This rusty old milking shed is on a farm on the Western Port Highway, near Carrum Downs in Victoria, Australia. There is a lot of new development nearby and I don't know how much longer this view will be there so this artwork is a record of the original use of this property.

This artwork has received an awardRoman Ruins(spacer)

Roman Ruins

Pen sketch on grey paper of Roman ruins, an early artwork in my career.

This artwork has received an awardSunset Gilpin's PaddocksFor Sale

Sunset Gilpin's Paddocks

Water colour painting of paddocks in the Pearcedale area on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Taken from photos done on a "reseach walk" around the area.

This artwork has received an awardSunset Pearcedalesold

Sunset Pearcedale

From Spring to Autumn the sunsets over the Mornington Peninsula (Australia) can be very striking. This view was literally form our back door over the neighbouring properties. The trees had become silhouettes under the clouds which were picking up the various colours from the setting sun.

Track WorkFor Sale

Track Work

The theme for this work is racehorses on the track for their early morning gallop in the morning mist. The atmosphere is quiet and the colours should reflect serenity and the coolness of a foggy morning as the sun starts to make its way through the haze and over the top of the stands that are barely visible in the background. I decided to try this artwork after completing my recent oil painting Gone Fishing with it's atmospheric use of colour.

Under the Yarra BridgeFor Sale

Under the Yarra Bridge

Water colour, metallic acrylics and ink on water colour paper of one of the bridges over the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia. Taken from one of several prints photographed a few years ago by Matt Irwin. I have had them in storage waiting for inspiration and time to start some sketches and paintings. This year I sold the acrylic painting inspired by the print of this bridge and I had thought a few times of trying the subject in another medium.

View from Ubir Rock Kakadu(spacer)

View from Ubir Rock Kakadu

Stephanie Cox supplied the original photo from which this pastel has been derived. Many distracting items (mostly in the form of bushes and trees) have been deleted so that to piece is less cluttered.

This artwork has received an awardYarra Bridgesold

Yarra Bridge

Acrylic painting of one the old bridges crossing the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia.

Yarra Bridge RevisitedFor Sale

Yarra Bridge Revisited

I have now done three versions of this scene. One in acrylics which sold on the way to the framers when a client I was talking to asked to see it, the next a mixed media of mostly water colours with some acrylic washes and this new version which is an oil painting. This new work was inspired by experiments with a very restricted palette. Cutting down your tubes of paint does not mean that you are cutting on creativity, it just means more creative use of the colours you have at hand. This is not a new concept, as before the time of the Impressionists, colours which were made up of natural pigment and minerals that were so expensive, artists only had a few they could afford to use.