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Abridged - Princes Bridge, Melbourne

Abridged - Princes Bridge, Melbourne
Medium: Oil
Base: Canvas
Year: 2016
No matter how many times I travel into the city, I try to take the time to wander across the bridge to see the many moods of the river. As the weather changes (as it does so often in Melbourne) the light and the mood changes with it. The colours and reflections then alter the whole way the scene is taken in, and suddenly you gain a new insight into this part of the city.
This view is taken from the Arts Centre near ground level looking up towards the bridge. I have taken some artistic licence with the interpretation by changing some of the colours and not including some details in the background, so that the viewer can be lured into the atmosphere and peacefulness I have endeavoured to place into the composition. The crowds and bustle of the street are hidden behind the bridge, only faintly represented so that the beautiful Classically inspired architecture reflected in the ripples on the water can be appreciated.
Dimensions: 120 cm (width) × 90 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
Credit: Original photography by Janice Mills
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