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Gone Fishing ·

Gone Fishing
Medium: Oil
Base: Canvas board
Year: 2011
The theme is a man going out in the very early morning in his little boat to have a quiet day of fishing. The atmosphere is quiet and the colours should reflect serenity and the coolness of a foggy morning as the sun starts to make its way through the haze.
I did some water colour paintings last year based around an atmospheric theme and as the theme may indicate they were of a set of three works experimenting with water colours and some of the techniques used by various artists such as Turner, to leave out a lot of detail and concentrate on the play of light, colour and atmosphere to create distance and mood.
I decided recently to try another play with light and colour, after having done the Atmospheric series last year but this time using oils instead. I love oil painting, I love the beautiful blends and richness you can achieve with this medium. It can be quite forgiving as you can to a certain extent keep working on a subject until you are happy with it. I try not to do this now, as most of the best works I see are done when the artist has a plan and the colours and application are kept “fresh” and clean by not overworking to painting.
This work was very clear in my head. I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve and how to get there. As practice pieces go, I have been very happy that at each stage I knew where to go, what colour I was mixing for it and how thickly I was going to apply the paint.
The painting has been shown on the web with some amazing feedback. The work has been called “Turneresque” by quite a few colleagues which is a huge honour as Turner is one of my very favourite artists. To be compared to him in any small way is a great achievement and makes me blush a little when I think of it.
I hope this painting brings peace and a sense of tranquility to those who view it and that it is enjoyed as a little tribute to one of my artistic “idols”. What more can an artist hope for?
Dimensions: 60.5 cm (width) × 50.5 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector

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