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Atmospheric III ·

Atmospheric III
Medium: Water colour
Base: Paper
Year: 2010
Atmospheric III as it's name may indicate is the final of a set of three works experimenting with water colours and some of the techniques used by various artists such as Turner, to leave out a lot of detail and concentrate on the play of light, colour and atmosphere to create distance and mood.
The first two works in this set were steps along the way to creating a final work that exemplified early morning light and mist over still water with only the foliage in the foreground holding any detail. Since the two first were not to my preferred standard, they were rejected for framing, exhibition and sale.
I am pleased, however, that not only did this final work come to standard, it has been acquired by a collector. I was informed on a recent trip to stock up on materials that the work had sold. The painting was on display at Above the Mantle in Frankston, Victoria, Australia.
This painting was, like most water colours, a learning experience for me. In some ways water colour is still a mystery to me and definitely a different discipline to oils and pastels. It has taken a while to relax and let the paint do what it wants to on some areas of a painting. I still hold my breath a bit when running paint down a page to create washes. I need to thank the wonderful demonstrating artists at the Berwick Art Society for some insights into "letting go" and relaxing with my water colours and inks this year. It is because of them that I have improved so much and have been able to produce marketable paintings such as Atmospheric III.
Dimensions: 35 cm (width) × 25 cm (height)
Ownership: Private Collector

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