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Above the Mantle

Above the Mantle

Framing Services for Fine Artists

After restarting my fine art career, it was my pleasure a few years ago to discover a business that enjoys helping me to display my art at its best.

Above the Mantle in Frankston is a place you can go as an artist to get great advice and most importantly not feel embarrassed for asking questions.

Having professionals who handle framing for a living is so important when presenting anything from a photo to a cherished piece of memorabilia.

For an artist it can make or break a work and definitely makes a difference as to the value and marketability.

In my case the mounting of an artwork has been a major part of the piece as a whole, some works can not be separated from their mounting and framing as they are literally part of the artwork.

The prices at Above the Mantle are extremely competitive and the staff a very friendly. I have sent clients to them and will continue to do so.

My artwork is also now on display at Above the Mantle as part of their new Featured Artist display. All of my artworks at Above the Mantle are for sale.

Contact Details

Above the Mantle
Station Street
Frankston, Victoria, 3199
Telephone: (03) 9783 3966
International: +61-3-9783-3966