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Little Bee

Little Bee
Medium: Water colour, ink & acrylic
Base: Paper
Year: 2010
1st place - monthly qualifier of Artist of the Year competition for Berwick Artist's Society "Bamboo and Trees Using Water Colours and Inks" theme for Section A - Experienced Artists (August, 2010)
Mixed media on water colour paper of the Chinese style of ink and wash painting done with a personal twist. The piece is done with water colour washes covered by metallic acryllic washes, the bamboo is done in water colours and green Chinese inks, the cherry blossum is done in black Indian ink and "red" Chinese inks with the little yellow parts in the centre of the flowers done in acrylic straight out of the tube.
This painting is the first attempt I have done in Chinese style inks and water colours in colour for over twenty five years.
I spent two weeks in China in 1985 and was honoured to have a lesson from a very old and experienced artist in an art and craft centre in Nanjing. Even without the advantage of speaking each others' language we were able to communicate to each other through the medium of our art - and a translater! It was humbling to receive my lesson rolled up with ribbon and presented with a bow from the teacher, who it seems was recognising me as a fellow artist and craftsperson.
The lesson must have stayed with me, because without too much time I have been able to call apon that valuable lesson to create "Little Bee" which is now framed and for sale. It also received very high praise at the August meeting for Berwick Art Society, where it won first prize for Setion A Experienced Artists for the theme of Bamboo or foliage in Inks and Water Colours.
Fellow artists have encouraged me to do more works in this style as they think the mix of Chinese and "Janice" style is a very attractive combination. I am happy that I have been able to create some new art with my own twist that so many have enjoyed viewing.
Dimensions: 25 cm (width) × 30 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
For Sale

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