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Gums ·

Medium: Oil
Base: Canvas
Year: 2009
Second place - monthly qualifier of McClelland Guild Artists, "Artist of the Year" competition (May 2009).
Highly Commended - McClelland Guild of Artists Art Show and Competition - 2009, Karingal Shopping Centre (April).
Diptych style oil painting of gums on canvases, mounted on painted board (dark blue/purple). The board is mounted into a metallic silver frame.
Sometimes ideas for works come in to your head faster than you can get them produced. This was the case with this particular work. It was in my head totally complete all I had to do was do it - when I had the time. Until then it nagged me silly, as if it were saying when are you going to paint me, when are you going to get me done!
Eventually all the pieces fell into place - I was in the studio, I had the materials and most important of all, the time and mental energy to devote to it.
Gums was produced over the space of a couple of weeks and I need to thank the people from Above the Mantle who helped me quickly find the perfect frame I was after. In this case the frame is very important as the whole artwork is a complete piece, every part heavily relying on the other. I would also like to thank my husband Stephen for helping me assemble the work, the extra set of hands plus cordless drill again came to the rescue.
The artwork was presented at McClelland Guild of Artists for the month of May (2009) and won 2nd place with many amazing and positive comments. The judge's notes were that it was boldly presented, the composition was excellent and that I really understood gum trees and he very much like my rendering of the background foliage. Some commented that it was their favourite piece presented on the day. Thank you everyone for your help and terrific feedback.
Dimensions: 680 mm (width) × 695 mm (height)
Ownership: Private collector

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