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Bright, Victoria

Bright, Victoria
Medium: Water colour
Base: Paper
Year: 2011
2nd place - monthly qualifier McClelland Guild of Artists "Artist of the Year" competition (November 2011)
Water colour on 300gsm Archer's water colour paper of one of the main streets in Bright, Victoria, Australia. Many of the modern features of this street have been removed to give more room to enjoy the buildings, the trees and the lovely shadows being cast across the roads. The main feature of this part of Bright are the beautiful buildings, the trees lining the roads and their fantastic backdrop of the mountains of the north east corner of Victoria. I just had to paint this scene as soon as I saw the colour of the building on the corner. Painting it reminded me of being there on one of the few trips I have been able to make back to the town where parts of my family first settled after leaving the arrival port of Adelaide on immigrating to Australia in the 1850s. We have a corner of the cemetery in Bright (knowing where the ancestors are is always a handy thing to know!).
I don't consider myself a water colour painter as I have struggled with it as many other artists before me. It is so different to painting with oils and you have to wrap your head around working totally opposite to oils and acrylics before you even start. Given that, there have been scenes that I have looked at that have begged to be painted in this medium and I like to try my hand at nearly everything. I was also lucky enough to have a full day workshop with a fine water colour painter early in 2011 and his tips have helped me a lot this year.
Armed with my teacher, Glen Hoyle's voice in my head, I began work on this piece. To be honest this is about the third go I had at it. The first two ended up in the bin. I guess a good sign for me is that I didn't give up, but learnt a little on each failure so that eventually I was able to produce a painting I was happy to frame.
The painting didn't get too much attention on it's first outing, but I have been told that if that happens, just try again. With that in mind I presented it at the last demonstration at McClelland Guild for the year 2011. The demonstrating artist was well known water colour painter Andrew Gemmill, who gave a very informative session with a lot of tips on handling water colour papers, new sources for brushes and wetting down paper surfaces.
I was very happy to receive a second place for my painting today and thanked Andrew for his judgement of my work. He told me I was good at water colours and that my painting was very good and I should attempt them more often. A very kind word from a ver generous artist. This was my only second placing for the year 2011 at McClelland Guild, my husband had jokingly told me I had slacked off by only getting firsts and thirds all year! Ironically my second place came along soon after to fill that gap!
This painting is now out of the frame but is for sale mounted behind an off white matt board. Enquiries can be made through the contact page in this web site.
Dimensions: 30 cm (width) × 26 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
Credit: Original photography by Janice Mills
For Sale

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