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Under the Yarra Bridge

Under the Yarra Bridge
Medium: Water colour, ink & acrylic
Base: Paper
Year: 2010
Water colour, metallic acrylics and ink on water colour paper of one of the bridges over the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia. Taken from one of several prints photographed a few years ago by Matt Irwin. I have had them in storage waiting for inspiration and time to start some sketches and paintings. This year I sold the acrylic painting inspired by the print of this bridge and I had thought a few times of trying the subject in another medium.
Recently, whilst preparing for a meeting at the Berwick Art Society, I was trying to think of a subject for the theme for the month. Urban theme still scares me a little I must admit, as it is not one of my common themes to paint. I remembered the beautiful print done by Matt of the view under one of the old bridges over the Yarra River in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). The acrylic painting came out really well and I wondered how it would come out in mixed media.
It is a black and white photograph, which was not important. It gave me the inspiration I needed, as I had recently been at a demo about watercolour washes and wanted to try letting the paint do as it wanted.
The painting came out much better than I anticipated. Not before some holding of the breath as I watched paint and ink wash from top to bottom of the work I must admit. Letting go like that is not a natural move for me, but I was so glad I tried it. The result is very different and I am going to do it again in the future!
As I did with the original acrylic, I have Matt's permission to use his print for inspiration and I owe him big thanks for his kindness. I am also very happy to include some information about Matt and his gallery on this web site.
Dimensions: 40 cm (width) × 30 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
Credit: Original photography by Matt Irwin
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