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A Hint of Smoke ·

A Hint of Smoke
Medium: Oil
Base: Canvas
Year: 2013
2nd place - monthly qualifier of Artist of the Year competition for Berwick Artist's Society, Section A - Experienced Artists (March, 2013)
This oil painting on canvas is based on a photo shoot in Yea, Victoria. The sun was fairly low and the shadows and highlighted distant valleys were so beautifully lit I had to take several shots from a friend's balcony. The hills were covered with a soft golden light and the hills had glow to them. The European trees nearer the foreground had a warm crimson tint with hints of cobalt and very cool green, then as your eye was drawn to the distant scene, the colours faded to a light mauve/blue/grey with bright golden sunlight touching the buildings and tips of foliage. There was also someone burning off nearby which gave a new point of interest which I have enhanced.
I took several photos whilst the light was so good and am glad I did as my friend has now passed away and I will never get a chance to view this area from the vantage point of her balcony again.
Since then I have altered some of the foreground in the scene in some of the photos to take out things which were distracting from what I wanted to highlight. I also added the magpie to tell the story better and point the viewer back into the painting.
I originally started this work over 12 months ago but was never happy with it so had a good think about what was not working and went back to it just recently. Items were painted over and the branch and magpie were introduced as features to link up the focal points, the smoke was also made into a more important feature.
The painting has now came out very well and there are a lot of little bits in it that I am particularly proud of. It has received many very positive comments and is now ready to be put into a frame.
For a while it has been on display at TAFE in my workspace where it has been creating a bit of attention. People viewing the work so far have said that they feel as though they are looking out a window at a view they would love to have from their home.
Dimensions: 92 cm (width) × 69 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector

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