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Ghostly Gums ·

Ghostly Gums
Medium: Oil
Base: Canvas
Year: 2009
Oil Painting of Australian gums done as a diptych mounted on framed board painted black. The frame is plain black and is addition to the size of the work.
This painting was also created after a suggestion from a client from Above the Mantle to try a larger version of the Gums artwork on display.
This layout is not that much different to the smaller work, but probably 3 times larger. Included is some foreground and the distant silhouette of bushland trees and if you look closely there is a tiny black crow flying through the middle of the scene.
The trunks of the 3 trees are the major centre of interest in this work. It is meant to give the feeling of wandering through the bush on a warm day and suddenly coming to a clearing where the sun is allowed through. The trunks are meant to be nearly architectural, like columns reaching into the sky, "tying" the top and the bottom of the painting together, conveying strength and solidity in contrast to the softer bush land behind them.
This artwork was on display at Above the Mantle (Station Street, Frankston, Victoria, Australia) as part of their Featured Artist display. All artworks by Janice Mills at Above the Mantle are for sale. Above the Mantle can be contacted on (03) 9783 3966 (Australia) or +61-3-9783-3966 (International).
Dimensions: 100 cm (width) × 100 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector.

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