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Track Work

Track Work
Medium: Oil
Base: Board
Year: 2011
The theme for this work is racehorses on the track for their early morning gallop in the morning mist. The atmosphere is quiet and the colours should reflect serenity and the coolness of a foggy morning as the sun starts to make its way through the haze and over the top of the stands that are barely visible in the background. I decided to try this artwork after completing my recent oil painting Gone Fishing with it's atmospheric use of colour.
This artwork, like Gone Fishing has received great feedback. I owe a lot to fellow artists who have made such positive comments, giving me the confidence to attempt another painting using the same method, this time with a racing theme, leaving out a lot of detail and concentrating on the play of light, colour and atmosphere to create distance and mood. It was Spring racing season at the time of doing the artwork, so everyone seemed to be talking about the subject of the Melbourne Cup. It is sometimes good to painting a topic that is on people's minds, hopefully attracting their interest when exhibited.
I love oil painting, I love the beautiful blends and richness you can achieve with this medium and this painting was great fun to do. It can be applied in so many varying thicknesses, which is why I had some fun in the foreground of this painting lashing the paint on nice and loose and thick! As most of the best works I see are done when the artist has a plan and the colours and application are kept "fresh" and clean by not overworking the painting and having a simple palette, this is what I kept in mind whilst doing this work.
This work was very clear in my head and is totally imagined. There is no photograph around as a reference, I rarely get up early enough these days! It didn't matter as I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve and how to get there. As pieces go, I have been very happy that at each stage I knew where to go, what colour I was mixing for it and how thickly I was going to apply the paint. I had a strict and limited palette to help pull the work together and not make it look too busy.
The painting has been shown on the web with some positive feedback. One artist called it "Turneresque" which is a huge honour as Turner is one of my very favourite artists. To be compared to him in any small way is a great achievement.
I hope this painting brings a sense of tranquility and the quiet "purpose" of the jockeys taking out their mounts to do their daily workout in preparation for the big race day to come. It is set in a beautiful ornate guilt frame and is for sale. Enquiries can be made via the contact page in this web site.
Dimensions: 65 cm (width) × 55 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
For Sale

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