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Medium: Pastel
Base: Paper
Year: 2008
Every now and then I like to have a look around for a place I would like move to to get away from it all. When we are driving to or from a holiday, or just going for a day trip, we often stop to look at properties for sale. Not only does this give us ideas for future living arrangements but if the area is very nice, it gives me subjects for artworks.
Gundillion, like a lot of our mountain areas is just beautiful. This scene was screaming to be made a pastel drawing, with just a minor "tweak" to suit the style of picture I intended to do. The style of framing, however, was not intended at the beginning, but in a flash of inspiration I thought I would give it a try - after all I could always take it out and do it another way. I was very surprised that it looked so 3 dimensional divided up into thirds as a sort of trip-tic.
The artwork is on display at the head office of CommArt in Pearcedale (Victoria, Australia) and has received some very positive comments. People have said that they feel as though they are looking out a window at a view they would love to have from their home. Not bad for another experiment.
Ownership: Artist

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