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Favorite Hill

Favorite Hill
Medium: Oil
Base: Canvas
Year: 2011
Taken from a photograph in the early morning along one of the rural roads on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The rider gives a sense of the activities common in this area.
In this painting I wanted to create a sense of tranquility that is so often missing in our hectic modern lifestyles. The early morning light adds warmth and atmosphere, lighting up the sides of the trees and bushes along the side of the road, whilst the remains of tracks from local traffic remind us that this is a place that people frequent and live.
The background has been left hazy and without detail to help the viewer to investigate the story being told in the foreground and to add depth to the composition.
This is an area that is increasingly being taken over by urban development and nobody knows how long quiet country lanes like this one will still be in existence in the area, so I feel it is important to record them to help us remember their beauty.
Dimensions: 160 cm (width) × 120 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
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