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Yarra Bridge ·

Yarra Bridge
Medium: Acrylic
Base: Board
Year: 2010
Third place - monthly qualifier of McClelland Guild of Artists, "Artist of the Year" competition (February, 2010)
Acrylic painting of one the old bridges crossing the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia.
Several years ago Matt Irwin kindly gave me a selection of prints of his photographs. I have had them in storage using some as inspiration for sketches as I have been getting back into my fine art career.
Recently, whilst preparing for the first meeting for the McClelland Guild of Artists for the year, I was trying to think of a subject for the theme of the first Artist of the Year competition for the month of February (2010). Urban theme was scaring me a little I must admit, as it is not one of my common themes to paint. I suddenly remembered a beautiful print done my Matt of the view under one of the old bridges over the Yarra River in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia).
It is a black and white photograph, which was not important. It gave me the inspiration I needed, all I had to do was keep to a limited palette and do the photograph justice.
The painting came out much better than I anticipated. Before it was framed I showed it to a potential client and she bought it on the spot. She has been kind enough to allow me to present it at McClelland Guild of Artists before she takes delivery and I have been able to frame it to her specifications so that she has exactly what she wants. A win-win all round.
If the painting does well in the competition, another commentary will follow. So far though, there have been very good comments from all who have seen it.
Because of this, I contacted Matt have been given permission to proceed with the sale and reproduction from his work, as he is the original photographer and I owe him for his kindness.
I am also very happy to include some information about Matt and his gallery taken from his web site.
Dimensions: 45 cm (width) × 23 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector
Credit: Original photography by Matt Irwin

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