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Sunset Gilpin's Paddocks

Sunset Gilpin's Paddocks
Medium: Water colour
Base: Paper
Year: 2010
1st prize - monthly qualifier of Artist of the Year competition for Berwick Artist's Society Water Colour Rural Theme for Group A - Experienced Artists (May, 2010)
Water colour painting of paddocks in the Pearcedale area on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Taken from photos done on a "reseach walk" around the area.
When walking long the road from our property are our neighbour's paddocks I noticed the change of light over these paddocks as the sun was getting low in the sky. They have a dam which usually has ducks happily floating on it and from the road there is often a good scene as the sun sets and the colours change. On this day the colours were particularly good.
The painting has been very well received by all who have viewed it and I am pleased that the water colours came out as I had planned. It is a medium that I have frankly avoided until recently as it is a very different disciplin to oils and pastels.
After attending many demonstrations by leading artists using the medium, I finally got up the nerve to try again with more dedication. I am happy that with each attempt I am improving and also happy with my results, such as this work.
Dimensions: 35 cm (width) × 25 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
Credit: Original photography by Janice Mills.
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