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Bamboo In Ink ·

Bamboo In Ink
Medium: Ink
Base: Paper
Year: 2010
2nd place - monthly qualifier of Artist of the Year competition for Berwick Artist's Society "Bamboo and Trees Using Water Colours and Inks" theme for Group A - Experienced Artists (August, 2010)
Indian and Chinese inks on water colour paper of the Chinese style of ink and wash painting. The piece is done with the bamboo done in Chinese and Indian inks more in the traditional Chinese style of painting. The "Janice Twist" is done in the mounting of the work. I have placed it behind two matts, one of which is divided into sections. This was to give an even more oriental look to the work.
To make this work more interesting I have mounted it behind two matts, one of which is divided into sections to give an oriental feel to the whole work. The painting on its own was never going to hold up as an interesting piece without some clever mounting.
The bamboo is one artwork done very quickly in the more Chinese style of loading the brush and running it across the page with quick and smooth "flicks" to create the leaves and branches of bamboo.
This technique is harder than it sounds as a lot of brush control is required to make sure that there are no hesitation marks on the finished work. I spent a whole week re-learning how to control my brush before this work came together. I even had a spare sheet next to the work so that I could laod the brush and do several leaves before committing to the water colour paper.
It paid off as this work received a second place at the August meeting of the Berwick Art Society for abstract themed ink and watercolour washes. The demostrating artist made very positive comments about my method of mounting the work stating that the matts were a brilliant way of making what could have been not as interesting into quite spectacular. I could nto have asked for higher praise and am very happy with the outcome.
Dimensions: 20 cm (width) × 40 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector

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