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Yarra Bridge Revisited

Yarra Bridge Revisited
Medium: Oil
Base: Board
Year: 2012
I have now done three versions of this scene. One in acrylics which sold on the way to the framers when a client I was talking to asked to see it, the next a mixed media of mostly water colours with some acrylic washes and this new version which is an oil painting. This new work was inspired by experiments with a very restricted palette. Cutting down your tubes of paint does not mean that you are cutting on creativity, it just means more creative use of the colours you have at hand. This is not a new concept, as before the time of the Impressionists, colours which were made up of natural pigment and minerals that were so expensive, artists only had a few they could afford to use.
I chose three complimentary colours for this painting that I wanted to see work together. They are based on the artist's three primary colours of red, blue and yellow but I have chosen a burgundy red and a very dark gold yellow to go along with my ultramarine blue. The only addition was white for creating tones.
I was interested to see what lovely colours I could create from these three basics and was very happy with the result. The painting was very easy to do and I noted that I enjoyed the experience of mixing these beautiful colours on the palette to create the effects of warmth and water flowing under the bridge.
This version of the scene is my favourite, it has all the atmosphere of classicism and the architecture of this old bridge as well as the feeling of the light coming in from all sides that I have always wanted to hint at.
My tutor at Chisholm has suggested that I do another work based on this painting only resized to 2 metres by 1.5 metres, which would be a huge undertaking for me as it would be the largest work I have done to date. I am tempted to try it as he curated a gallery in the past and knows what is likely to sell and draw attention. Time will tell, at present the size of my paintings is being dictated by my diploma course and my available time, so the sizes will remain close to what they presently are which is under 1 metre in any direction.
This painting is now in a lovely black frame with a black matt and is for sale. Enquiries can be made through the contact page in this web site.
Dimensions: 65 cm (width) × 55 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
Credit: Original photography by Matt Irwin
For Sale

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