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Beach Boxes Brighton ·

Beach Boxes Brighton
Medium: Oil
Base: Canvas
Year: 2010
Oil painting of the beach boxes on Brighton Beach Victoria. The idea is derived from a black and white photograph taken by a professional photographer friend. I have made up the colours on the buildings to try to make a picture that "pops" but is still simple in content. The balance of the colours are complementary but more subtle to act as a stage for the main features.
The idea for this painting came from the work I did recently in acrylics of row boats called Row Your Boat!. I like the 3 objects, whatever they might be, being a draw card merely by the use of colour. I have attempted to keep the rest of the layout fairly simple as I don't want it too busy and I want the viewer to be attracted by the main features, being the buildings and the light.
This time I am using oils only for the reason that it is the medium I felt like doing it in. I like to swap around so that I don't get too stale in one or the other.
Dimensions: 76 cm (width) × 38 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector

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