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Row Your Boat! ·

Row Your Boat!
Medium: Acrylic
Base: Canvas
Year: 2009
Acrylic Painting of the sea shore in Wattle Point (Victoria, Australia) during summer, mounted on framed board painted black with a hint of the colour in the boats and foliage over painted for texture. The frame is black and is addition to the size of the work.
This painting was also created after the recent successful reception of and requests for similar works to my recent acrylics painting efforts. The vivid colours have been very well received.
After preliminary sketches I came up with this layout taken from a few different photos. These were all taken on a holiday at Wattle Point a couple of years ago.
The boats, again, are the major centre of interest in this work, I changed the colours from plain white to very bright warm colours to come up with something that I hope really pops. The nice thing that I am discovering about acrylics, apart from them drying so fast, is the vibrant colours they have.
Oil painting is my "first love", nothing else handles like it, I love the way it moves on the canvas, and how it I can blend it and create light, shade and texture with it. I am finding however, as I did with pastels, that having an arsenal of mediums to use is very liberating. It allows the work to tell me how it wants to be done, how I can present the subject the best way I know how. It also makes my life as an artist much more interesting.
Dimensions: 108 cm (width) × 47 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector
Credit: Original photography by Janice Mills

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