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Above the Mantle

Dragonfly in Roses

Dragonfly in Roses
Medium: Pastel
Base: Art board
Year: 2011
Pastel on pastel board of a little dragonfly in a rose garden in Victoria, Australia. The colours of dragonflies in Australia vary widely and I was surprised when I began researching them, how lovely they are when looked at close up.
This pastel artwork is the first in a set which I hope to produce during the year. I spent some time talking to my framer, who also sells prints and art (including mine), he has told me that dragonflies are a very popular subject and that I should try my hand at them.
I spent a little time learning how to draw them and ten began work on this piece.
As with my blue wren series when I had all of the background done, I was left with a "blob" in the centre of the work where the bird was to go. That is where I left the work and came back to it fresh in my next session. Again as in earlier works, I divided the it up into about six sections and slowly worked my way from head to tail. I then spent some time working to put in little details of white along the back and darker sections in the shadow areas to help bring the dragonfly right out of the background.
This work was worth the time and effort to include little details of colour in the body and wings to help give it spark and lift the dragonfly off the surface to entice the viewer.
Dimensions: 42 cm (width) × 30 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
For Sale
On display: Above the Mantle
Station Street, Frankston, Victoria, Australia.
Telephone: (03) 9783 3966 (Australia) +61-3-9783-3966 (International)
This artwork can be purchased at this venue.

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