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Announcements Launched

Issued on Saturday, 04 February 2012

Janice Mills Australian Fine Artist is pleased to launch the Announcements section on her web site.

Launching of Announcements

I am very happy to make my first announcement on this page about the page itself. This addition to my web site is to give clients, colleagues, friends and followers of Janice Mills, Australian Fine Artist, regular information about new artworks, upcoming exhibitions, sales, achievements and commentaries by subscribing to email announcements.

This idea has been under discussion for several months and I have long wanted to make my web site more interactive and give followers a chance to receive their information in the format that suits them. We don't always have time to browse through web sites or look through lists of chats in social media. Having a subscription bringing the information to you in your email means that whenever you get a moment you can access what you want more easily. Just by checking your mail. If you have flagged your message for later reading, it will be in there waiting for you.

Rather than waiting for commentaries to appear on this site or be published through other portals that I use such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, news will be available and sent to you rather than you going out and looking for it. No more scrolling through loads of other information to find the last article that got your attention and you may not have had the time to read straight away.

For those who read articles (commentaries) by Janice Mills, that are reprinted through guild publications, will be able to read them up to six weeks earlier than the publication that arrives in the mail.

Simply to take the opportunity to subscribe to receive new articles and announcements as they are published.

Janice Mills

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