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Reprint Conditions

Reproduction Materials

A text version of commentaries and announcments are available, please contact Janice Mills' Agent below.

Other materials (images, etc) are available apon request.

Free of Charge Reproduction

Copies of editorials, commentaries and all other published works by Janice Mills are FREE to all guilds of which she is a member, specifically...

  • Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA)
  • Berwick Artists Society (BAS)
  • McClelland Guild of Artists
  • Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia (PSVA)
  • Peninsula Art Society (PAS)

The above organistions still require written permission to reprint.

Other Reproduction

Copies of editorials, commentaries and all other published works by Janice Mills to all other guilds, organisations, companies or persons, require written permission to reprint.

Publication is only permitted to organisations and persons who are associated with the arts (fine or graphic), arts publishing, teaching, promotion, societies or fine arts supply business.

A fee may need to be paid, at least 7 days before publication.

Seeking Permission

All reprint requests must be lodged with Janice Mills' Agent (CreArtive) - see below.

In your request please list the following:

  • Your name, address and contact information
  • The name of the article you are reprinting
  • The name of your organisation
  • Your organisation website address (if you have one)
  • The name of your publication
  • Whether the publication is printed or electronic or both
  • The issue that the article will be published in
  • The date of publication
  • If you require any files for associated graphics


  1. Articles must be reprinted in full and exactly as supplied.
  2. The credits section must remain intact and include the attribution of Janice Mills as author and a link to the Janice Mills website.
  3. All spelling must remain in UK (Australian) English. If an error is in the text Janice Mills must be notified in writing before any changes will be authorised.
  4. Text formatting and layout changes to suit your magazine are accepted.
  5. A copy of the publication that the article appears in, must be delivered (free of charge) to Janice Mills' Agent (CreArtive) within 28 days of publication date. If it is only published electronically, please email a copy (or a link to a download location) to Janice Mills' Agent (CreArtive) within 14 days of publishing.

Janice Mills' Agent

P.O. Box 1266
Pearcedale, Victoria, 3912
Telephone: (03) 5978 6133
International: +61-3-5978-6133

Please contact the agent if you wish to make a request via the the internet.