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Rosella ·

Medium: Pastel
Base: Paper
Year: 2010
Pastel on crimson pastel paper of a native bird to Australia. The rosella is a nectar loving bird that along with the rainbow lorakeet loves to hang precariously from very slim branches in our flowering gums in order to feed on the flowers that are out at this time of year. This is my first attempt to draw one.
This pastel painting is the first attempt I have ever made to do an artwork of one of our native birds. It is because of the inspiration of another local artist and teacher who is a specialist in Australian wildlife that I have been moved to give it a go. His paintings of birds are so well done and the colours are so vivid, that I just had to have a go to see firstly if I could even do it and also what the task of doing an artwork like this entailed.
I actually spent most of my time on the background, getting all the blends right and deciding what to leave in and what to delete so that the bird would be the main feature and not the foliage around it.
When I had all of the background done, I was left with a red "blob" in the centre of the work where the bird was to go. That is where I left the work for the night and came back to it fresh the next day. I divided the bird up into about six sections and slowly worked my way from head to tail. I then spent some time walking back and forth putting in little details of white along the back an darker sections in the shadow areas to help bring the bird right out of the background.
Since this is my first rosella and only about the third bird I have ever done I am pleased with the result. I know there are a couple of spots I need to improve on and hope to when I get some good reference photos that show clearly what I want. I will hopefully, then be able to do some even better artworks of this type.
Dimensions: 41 cm (width) × 31 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector (United Kingdom)

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