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Mo, Larry and Curley ·

Mo, Larry and Curley
Medium: Pastel
Base: Paper
Year: 2011
Pastel on mustard coloured pastel paper of three baby native birds to Australia. The Rainbow Lorikeet is a nectar loving bird that feeds amongst flowering gums and also enjoys grass seeds and can be tempted to visit by leaving out wild bird seed in the garden. These three little birds are not ready to fly yet and are snuggled together waiting for their mum to return and feed them.
This pastel artwork is my latest attempt to do an artwork of one of our native birds. After doing recent works of Australian Blue Wrens, I decided to return to my favourites, which are the parrots and do another set of pastels featuring these lively and brightly coloured birds.
Unlike my first artworks I have spent a lot of my time planning and changing the background, which I have decided to alter from the original scene. I want the focus to be on the birds and not on anything around them so the surrounds are kept deliberately simple and very soft.
When I had all of the background done, I was left with the area where the birds were to go. That is where I usually leave the work and came back to it fresh in my next session. On the next session I divided the birds up into about six sections and slowly worked my way from head to tail, dark to light colours, layer over layer of pastel. I then spent some time walking back and forth putting in little details of white along the tops of the heads and other areas the light was touching the feathers and darker sections in the shadow areas to help bring the birds right out of the background.
This work was purchased by a regular client while it was still on the easel in the studio.
Dimensions: 40 cm (width) × 28 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector

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