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Blue Wren III

Blue Wren III
Medium: Pastel
Base: Paper
Year: 2010
Pastel on pastel paper of one of the blue wrens that are native to Victoria, Australia. The colours of wrens in Australia vary from state to state and are all beautiful. This little bird was going to be the second of the set of three, but was beaten out by the Western Australian Red winged Blue Wren. He is now the third in the set.
This pastel artwork is the third in a set of three pastels of our native wrens. It was going to be the second but as soon as number II started to take shape, I knew I would be changing the order. This little bird is also beautiful with vivid blue plumage and loads of character. I was particularly attracted to his pose, looking like he had just landed and was about to fluff up all his feathers for a roost.
As with the other works I spent a lot of time on the background, getting all the blends right and deciding what to leave in and what to delete so that he would be the main feature and not the foliage around him. This is becoming a much quicker job as I do these sets of works as I have a clearer idea of what I want to achieve and can get it put together more efficiently. This is one of the advantages in being able to get into the studio on a daily basis.
When I had all of the background done, I was able to move on with the main feature. I also able to continue on with this work and have him done in one sitting. I spent a lot of time working to put in little details into the feathers on this bird as there is a lot going on, even though he hasn't got a lot of variation in his feather colours. He does however, have interesting little pin feathers on his head which I wanted to get right.
These little Australian wrens have surprising colours and textures in their feathers, when you are drawing them you suddenly notice all the other little things going on. This is part of what makes doing these artworks so much fun and a very good learning experience from my normal subjects. The constant surprises and discoveries along the way.
Dimensions: 42 cm (width) × 30 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
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