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Medium: Water colour
Base: Paper
Year: 2008
Second place - monthly qualifier of McClelland Guild Artists, "Artist of the Year" competition (September 2008)
If anyone had asked me several months ago if I was a watercolourist I would have had a definite answer of no. I usually labour over water colours and the result is a stiff look with very poor washes. This time I managed to relax and enjoy the process. The result was very different, so different that I showed it at McClelland Guild of Artists with very good results.
Given this it may sound strange that after several demonstrations at the McClelland Guild of Artists showing how to be brave with this medium, I decided to give it a try. First came the deep breaths and attempts to relax and enjoy myself, then came the subjects that I have recently photographed, which screamed at me to do them in water colour.
So with the sound of Rod Stuart's American Songbooks in the studio I ventured into a new world. I started with a few simple subjects, wild birds, some plants from the garden, washes over sketches, then with a monthly demo looming covering seascapes in water colour, I spent a lovely afternoon on my first seascape in this medium. To my amazement my husband said it is one of the best seascapes I have ever done. Even better was that it came second at the September (2008) meeting of the McClelland Guild of Artists. (I am now jokingly accused of making this a habit as the is the third second place in successive months!) I am definitely going to keep doing more work in water colour - it was fun, relaxing, fairly quick to do and contrary to my previous thoughts, I seem to be OK at it.
Dimensions: 35 cm (width) × 21 cm (height), (includes mounting board and frame)
Ownership: Artist
Credit: Original photography by Janice Mills.
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