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Shame ·

Medium: Charcoal & pastel
Base: Paper
Year: 2011
3rd place - monthly qualifier of McClelland Guild of Artists, "Artist of the Year" competition (August, 2011)
Pastel on beige paper sketched as a practice piece and for showing at the McClelland Guild for a monthly demonstration. As this is not a properly finished artwork it is not for sale. I friend sent me a heap of very nice pics of male models in some fantastic lighting so that I could practice on the human form. It is a subject I have veered away from in the past as I have had little interest and not a lot of material to work from that really inspired me to try it.
This particular pose with the half light and the tilted head really did stay in my mind for quite a while until I decided to try it. After several attempts with various mediums, I finally decided on a watercolour wash to get some interest going in the background with mostly charcoal to complete the drawing. I have allowed some of the feint colours from the paint to show through the charcoal as it wasn't supposed to look too dark or flat.
The main point of interest is the man's chest with the light cutting across it. To me there is a lot you can interpret from this pose and finally on about the fourth attempt everything came together and produced a work that I am reasonably happy with. The muscles on the chest and abdomen came out very close to the original and the arm, even though, seemingly not as muscled, is true to the photograph. I could have bulked it up a bit but this would only have happened if the model had his arm bent a bit more or was tightening his biceps - which he wasn't.
So not too unhappy with the result and it was capped of with a third place awarded for the month of August 2011 at the demonstration at the McClelland Guild of Artists.
It was good to experiment putting together two different mediums for this artwork and I am very glad that I seem to be getting my head around at least some of the human form! I have been attending life drawing sessions when I can during the year so they must also be helping. It all boils down to the old saying: practice, practice, practice!
Dimensions: 30 cm (width) × 40 cm (height)
Ownership: Private collector

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