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Horse Head Nebula

Horse Head Nebula
Medium: Oil
Base: Canvas
Year: 2008
The Horse Head Nebula is one of my favourite scenes from deep space. I have loved certain aspects of astronomy since I was very small and read a lot of books on the subject, so it seemed natural so extend this into my art.
I have seen many artworks of planets, stars and nebulas over the years but many are airbrushed and have a very different look to than way I would like to represent them. I still like the picture to look like a painting. I leave a lot of clutter out and try to concentrate on representing the beautiful colours and shapes. This way the subject is kept simple and it is easy to have the eye drawn in to the main feature. I hope this has come across in this work.
Dimensions: 45 cm (width) × 91 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
Credit: Original photography by NASA.
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