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Deep in Thought

Deep in Thought
Medium: Pastel
Base: Paper
Year: 2013
1st place - monthly qualifier of Berwick Artists Society "Artist of the Year" competition (April 2013)
Pastel drawing of a male figure done as a drawing exercise for my Visual Art course. I found the original image for this and loved the tricky placement of the arms and legs. It was originally not a colour image so I was left free to decide how I wanted to make this my own. As it was for my presentation at TAFE I wanted to work with either tone, composition or colour - or all of the aforementioned!
The human figure is something that I don't do a lot of as I admit it is not my favourite subject. But as an emerging professional I need to work on everything - especially my weaknesses. So part of my term break was spent attending to this.
I find that if I can give myself a specific challenge and an interesting subject, I am mostly there. Probably other artists have the same problem, you need to be inspired to push your skills to that next level.
I was very happily surprised with what I got done with this work. As a practice piece I am happy to present for our mid year assessments in my drawing collection. I was also pleased to take it to BAS for an outing and some feedback.
You can't get much better than first place in my thinking especially when it is from an admired and talented colleague from the Pastel Society of Victoria. By the way she didn't know it was my work when it was judged.
So, I am very happy with this little guy, it gives me hope that I can overcome most challenges in my arts practice in the future if I apply myself to them and keep practising!
Dimensions: 40 cm (width) × 55 cm (height)
Ownership: Artist
For Sale

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