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Queenscliff I

Queenscliff I
Medium: Oil
Base: Board
Year: 2014
Queenscliff sits at the entrance to Port Philip Bay, Victoria. There are many historic buildings and sites in the area, as the city has been occupied for over 150 years.
At the invitation of a local historic hotel we were there to celebrate my birthday. We took the time to walk around to get to know a little more about the beautiful old houses and scenic views on offer. We eventually came to the point that this painting indicates, on a rise overlooking the inlet. By the time we had arrived, the sun was low in the sky casting interesting shadows into the beach and shining on the western sides of the taller buildings and distant lighthouse.
I couldn't resist painting this view, especially with the rain clouds hovering the the background adding further interest.
Dimensions: 22.9 cm (width) × 12.7 cm (height)
Dimensions: 9 inches (width) × 5 inches (height)
Ownership: Artist
For Sale

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