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Mornington Peninsula I

Mornington Peninsula I
Medium: Oil
Base: Board
Year: 2016
This painting is derived from a view of the shoreline facing south towards Frankston, Victoria. I did a photo shoot along the beach so could do a series of paintings based on the area.
The sand dunes and bushes on the left have been enlarged to dramatise the composition and some of the beach has been widened. This isn't necessarily untrue to the area, as the width of the beach often changes after storms and due to sand being pumped in from the seabed to rebuild it.
It is an area that I lived near for nearly fifteen years. I grew to love it for taking the dog for a walk or for a swim on a hot day. The pier is a great spot to gain views for paintings. The evenings are interesting as the sun goes down over the bay provide spectacular colours for artists and photographers. I think my love of this beach came out in the painting as it went together so easily and quickly on the easel.
Dimensions: 22.9 cm (width) × 12.7 cm (height)
Dimensions: 9 inches (width) × 5 inches (height)
Ownership: Artist
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